Lightspeed Systems Announce New Parent Portal Announced
for My Big Campus

With this latest enhancement, Lightspeed Systems adds parents to the collaborative LMS

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Lightspeed Systems, creator of My Big Campus, is excited to announce the new Parent Portal feature of the classroom collaboration tool. Coming this month, the new Parent Portal and associated parent accounts will enhance school-home communication and encourage real-time engagement between teachers, parents, and students—transforming My Big Campus from a safe social collaboration tool to a complete classroom Learning Management System (LMS).

Research consistently points to parental involvement as central to student achievement. Lightspeed Systems knows this involvement must be active, not passive, to be effective. This is why the Parent Portal in My Big Campus goes beyond a standard LMS to truly foster active parent participation. In addition to the ability to view schoolwork, assignments, announcements, and events, parents can also communicate directly with teachers—resulting in increased engagement and increased achievement.

My Big Campus is the buzzing educational hub between a device and the Web. Part learning management system, part social network, and part content management system, My Big Campus is the only solution that safely brings together all the tools students and educators need and makes them easy to access and easy to share—so it's easy and fun to learn. Now with the addition of parent accounts, that circle of home-school collaboration and communication will be complete.

Developed with direct input from educators, the Parent Portal takes My Big Campus beyond a social networking tool to become a safe, collaborative LMS.

Features of the Parent Portal include:

Viewable on any device with a web browser (including Apple mobile devices)

Access to Activity Feed—including student wall posts, announcements, and events

Ability to message students and communicate directly with school staff

Access to students’ schoolwork and assignments

Protection of student information through simple SIS integration

And more on an easy to understand interface for parents

"We wanted to provide schools with a complete classroom learning and management tool to truly transform learning," shares Lightspeed Systems’ CEO Joel Heinrichs. "We know that parents are a key part of that transformation."

Establishing itself as an engaging and innovative LMS, My Big Campus enhances student-home communication and gives schools the ability to transform education through safe, collaborative, and mobile learning. With just this one tool, educators can provide a safe community for student collaboration, effectively communicate with parents, meet core curriculum standards, and create dynamic learning environments.

For more information about My Big Campus and to sign up for a free account, visit http://www.mybigcampus.com