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LG Network Monitor

Today’s PCs are so powerful that most people only use a fraction of the processing power. By “virtualizing” the desktop PC, LG Network Monitors enable many users to share a single PC. It’s a breakthrough in affordable computing backed by one of the world’s leading electronics companies.

In these tough economic times, every organization wants to make the most of their very limited funds. Steep cuts in computer budgets impact end-user and IT staff productivity since old computers need more maintenance and support. By enabling 11 users (D Series) or 31 users (E Series) to share the power of a single PC, LG Network Monitors enable your organization to upgrade and expand computing on limited funds.

LG Network Monitor D Series (PCI)

LG Network Monitor E Series (Ethernet)

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Including the native user on the host PC, that’s a total of 11 computing stations per PC! Each user connects his/her peripherals directly to the LG Network Monitor and gets a full computing session.
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Ethernet network based LG Network Monitor allows you to build multi-computing system
for up to 31 users, without distance limitations between the host PC and network monitors.
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