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Safend’s best of breed endpoint security solutions enable organisations to securely enjoy the advantages of mobile computing - from laptops, removable media and wireless protocols to the smartphone - enhancing productivity without sacrificing data security.

Safend's advanced solutions deliver granular visibility and control and complete protection over the organization’s endpoints – exposing existing and potential threats, enabling comprehensive data security.

Committed to delivering maximum security with the greatest simplicity and minimum Total Cost of Ownership, Safend comprehensive solutions that are intuitive to manage and virtually impossible to circumvent.

The Internal Threat

Industry statistics consistently show that the most significant security threat to the organisation comes from within. With over 60% of confidential data residing on the endpoints , over 70% of security breaches originating from within , and data losses accounting for some $50 billion in damage to US companies last year alone  – both malicious and accidental internal threats must be dealt with head-on. Enterprises today are making internal security – and especially internal access to network resources - their highest priority, even above gateway solutions like antivirus and firewalls. Today's greatest enterprise security challenge is - how to provide access to key information without exposing it to risk? How to trust internal users – but retain enough control over their actions to verify their reliability?

The Goal - Endpoint Connectivity without Fear

In a world of increasing mobility and never-ending connectivity, the struggle for data security has moved from the gateway to the endpoint. Enterprise endpoints are swamped with new connectivity options - PDAs, USB drives, CD/DVD-RW and iPods, as well as more advanced technologies based on WiFi, Bluetooth, and IrDA - all can connect seamlessly and instantaneously to the organizational network. Coupled with the ever increasing use of laptops, the result is increased productivity, with a corresponding increase in the danger of information leakage and data theft. 

Regulatory Imperatives
With the rise of regulatory security initiatives like Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, FISMA, and BASEL II – organizations are required to scrupulously and continuously comply with evolving data security standards.  These standards demand ongoing and highly-granular visibility into endpointn activity, and immediate remedy with audit trail of security breaches at the endpoint. Without an effective solution in place to both secure and monitor, compliance achieved is easily lost.

Safend - Visibility , Control and Protection
Safend's innovative comprehensive security solutions deliver complete visibility and granular control and protection over all enterprise endpoints – enabling connectivity and productivity, without sacrificing performance or security.
Safend’s Endpoint Data Leakage Prevention solutions guard organizations against data loss while ensuring regulatory data security compliance.  The solution protects confidential data residing on the endpoint from loss and theft by monitoring real-time traffic and applying customized, highly-granular security policies over all physical, wireless and devices (USB, Firewire, PCMCIA, WiFi, Bluetooth and IrDA, CD/DVD-RWs, MP3 players, and flash drives).
Enterprise organizations benefit from additional layers of security with Safend’s USB/PS2 anti-keylogger feature, removable media encryption, and offline tracking of USB device activity. For complete protection of data-in-use and data –at rest, Safend offers a comprehensive protection with its hard disk encryption solution for PCs and laptops.