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Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ: WBSN) is the global leader in integrated Web, data and email security, providing Essential Information Protection for more than 42 million employees at more than 50,000 organizations worldwide. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Websense distributes its solutions through a global network of channel partners. Websense software and hosted security solutions help organizations block malicious code, prevent the loss of confidential information, and enforce Internet use and security policies.

Websense has its roots in Web filtering and continues to develop its core strength in discovering and classifying content across all its product offerings. Websense provides unprecedented visibility into the internal and external movement of information in the Web 2.0 world, with extensive management of who is authorized to access Web sites, content, or applications, as well as what data must be protected from leaks, where users and data can go online, and how data and online resources can be communicated and used.

Websense keeps employees productive on any device, any time and any place, to maximize business opportunities while minimizing the unintended consequences of connectedness. Websense is Essential Information Protection.