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Lightspeed Systems

Secure, control and monitor your network with a single comprehensive and cost-effective solution

Lightspeed Systems, founded in 1999, develops comprehensive network security and management solutions for the education and corporate market. Lightspeed are committed to helping education and corporate organisations of all sizes operate their networks effectively and efficiently, so educators can provide safe online teaching and learning environments and business can manage user web compliance and data security.

Lightspeed's flagship product, Total Traffic Control, is the complete solution for securing your network and protecting users while reducing costs and simplifying administration. This comprehensive solution provides the ability to secure both  your gateway and your PCs, control user activity both on the internet and on PCs, and also reduce both bandwidth usage on Internet links and power usage on desktops.

Light speed is used in more than 2,000 school districts in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia to protect more than 6 million students. For the past several years, Lightspeed Systems has been recognized on the Inc. 5,000 list as one of the fastest-growing private companies.

"In my 13 years in IT working in both private and public sector, this is the best piece of software I've come across!" 

Leighton Spurgeon, IT Services Manager, Bridgend College


Web Access

Network Traffic

Email Manger

Security Manager

Web Access Manager
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Email Filtering Section Pic
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Total Traffic Control


  • Web Access Manager
  • Network Traffic Manger
  • Email Manager
  • Security Manager  

Web Access Manager

Ensure safe web browsing with customizable filtering and features for safe Web 2.0 access

Network Traffic Manager

Control traffic with bandwidth management


Email Manager

Archive and report on communications, while blocking spam

Security Manager

Block viruses, spyware, and malware with desktop and gateway security 



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Total Traffic Control Datasheet Adobe PDF

An overview of the Total Traffic Control product and how it protects education environments. 

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